Introducing Ed Walks, a 3,000 mile conversational journey by foot, and announcing an Indiegogo campaign to chronicle oral history.

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Think of this as a microbudget Federal Writers Project for the 21st century.  Your gracious donations, no matter what the contribution, will forge an unprecedented chronicle of American life in 2013. 

A 3,000 Mile Conversational Journey by Foot

I'm writing to tell you about, an unprecedented oral history project that will unfold in real time  This morning, I launched an Indiegogo capaign to see if we can make history and come to know our country better.

On May 15, 2013, I aim to walk 3,000 miles across America over the course of approximately six months, starting in Brooklyn and ending in San Francisco. I plan to talk with many people along the way, operating in the spirit of Studs Terkel, Peter Jenkins, and Charles Kuralt, visiting many overlooked towns across twelve states and writing dispatches as I make my way west.

As a regular walker who has completed two Great Saunters, I believe that I can make it to the end. But a six month project like this requires financial resources, which will be devoted to food, lodging, technological services, and equipment that will keep me transmitting communications from the road.

I'm writing to ask for your help in making this oral history project possible. You can donate to the Indiegogo page.  But if you can't donate, please spread the word and let other people know about this project.

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