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The National Walk Isn’t Happening

Since several people have asked, the national walk is not happening. Unfortunately, we did not meet our fundraising goal. This was an all-or-nothing proposition. And the full funding we needed to keep me filing reports from the road didn’t come through. Much to my supreme regret, the national walk will not happen on May 15th. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign.

However, I am presently making long-term efforts to fund the national walk through non-crowdfunding means next year. My hope is to set foot from Brooklyn to San Francisco during the summer of 2014, where I will set forth with the same thoroughness, conversational rigor, and enthusiasm seen in the “trial walk” reports. I also plan to conduct more “trial walks” in various forms and keep this website alive to demonstrate why this type of journalism is an essential chronicle of our nation.

Thanks again for reading and following along. I remain optimistic that the 3,000 mile walk will eventually happen.