Proposed Route: South Bend, Indiana to Newton, Iowa

More Maps: (1) Brooklyn, NY to Wintersville, OH; (2) Wintersville, OH to South Bend, IN; (4) Newton, IA to Lexington, NE; (5) Lexington, NE to Saratoga, WY; (6) Saratoga, WY to Orem, UT; (7) Orem, UT to Austin, NV; (8) Austin, NV to San Francisco, CA.

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The third stage of the journey will push me slightly north, where I’ll be hugging the southern edge of Lake Michigan and heading into Chicago. From there, I’ll be hitting a number of small cities in Illinois that I had never heard about until I started planning this route. Then I’ll make my way into Iowa, where both Iowa City, Des Moines, and the heartland I have only known through headlines await the steady beat of my two feet.

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  • Hi, Ed. I’m a writer and live 15 miles north of Dixon in Leaf River, Illinois. It’s a nice walk up along the Rock River past some lovely parks. I live in the country with husband and horses. Let me know if you want to stop for the night. I love what you are doing.

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