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Proposed Route: Newton, Iowa to Lexington, Nebraska

Previous Maps: (1) Brooklyn, NY to Wintersville, OH; (2) Wintersville, OH to South Bend, IN; (3) South Bend, IN to Newton, IA; (5) Lexington, NE to Saratoga, WY; (6) Saratoga, WY to Orem, UT; (7) Orem, UT to Austin, NV; (8) Austin, NV to San Francisco, CA.

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One of Iowa’s big draws is Adair, which has a smiley face water tower and is known as “the happiest town on Earth.” During the Midwest stage of the map planning, I became especially obsessed with making sure that I would hit a new town or city every night. Because by the time I get into Wyoming and Utah, it’s going to get desolate very fast. But I’m also very excited about visiting Des Moines and Omaha for the first time.